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Contempt / R.A.M-M.A.N ‎– Decay / Death Technology

Image of  Contempt / R.A.M-M.A.N ‎– Decay / Death Technology

£8.00 - On Sale

Split album between R.A.M-M.A.N and Contempt. This 12" record comes with a free CD version of the album inside. The split features 19 tracks of angry punk rock tunes, all with hooks and lyrics that will stay with you. P+P is free (UK only).

Contempt – This Town
Contempt – Maggie's Grave
Contempt – Greed
Contempt – We Come In Peace
Contempt – Fuck All Governments
Contempt – Estate
Contempt – F*ck Off BNP
Contempt – Criminal Snobbery
Contempt – Betrayed
Contempt – The Dog Song
R.A.M-M.A.N – Nazi Scum
R.A.M-M.A.N – All You Need To Know
R.A.M-M.A.N – Test On Yourself
R.A.M-M.A.N – Hell In Peace
R.A.M-M.A.N – Death Technology
R.A.M-M.A.N – Indifferent
R.A.M-M.A.N – J.R. Hartley Is A Killer
R.A.M-M.A.N – Selfish Means
R.A.M-M.A.N – Zero Again Tracks: